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Skin health

Skin is the body’s largest organ - it helps regulate internal temperature, allows the body to retain fluids and keeps harmful microbes out. Nevertheless, skin diseases are very common, affecting as many as one in three people at any given time.




The role of naturopathy in the support of skin health

Naturopathy is proven to play a significant role in the treatment of skin disorders - the use of nutritional therapy, herbal remedies and acupuncture have all shown very good results.

Studies have revealed a clear link between skin health and diet. While systemic medications such as steroids are known to have undesirable side effects, many common skin conditions may be improved by diet. For example, avoiding hot spicy foods reduces heat in the body, reducing potential redness and itching. Other adjustments to diet such as eliminating inflammatory foods and adding omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to improve the course of skin diorders.

Herbal teas, high in antioxidants, can help keep the skin hydrated and reverse the effects of UV damage and help reduce inflammation.

According to studies, acupuncture has also been shown to decrease levels of inflammation through stimulation. This may be due to its effect on the immune system (via the autonomic nervous system) in reducing inflammation. 

Red Apple

Example skin conditions and the effects of acupuncture:

Dermatitis - decrease in flare size and itch intensity
Urticaria - reduction in the frequency and duration of episodes, wheal size and pruritus
Chloasma - significant reduction in hyperpigmented patches

Acupuncture can also enhance skin elasticity and tautness.

Treatments and frequency

The number and frequency of treatments required will depend on the specifics of each individual. I will work with you to understand needs and formulate a specifc treatment plan during your first appointment. We will then continue to review and update this over subsequent sessions based on your responses and progress.

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