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Cupping therapy

30 min      £40

What to expect 

During this dry cupping session, unscented oil is massaged for a few minutes into the area that is being treated to warm up the skin, losen fascia and increase blood circulation. Cups are then applied for several minutes.

The main cupping methods performed are fixed cupping, sliding cupping, moxa cupping and flash cupping.

How to prepare:

Dress comfortably, so that you can relax and enjoy the treatment.

Terms and cancellation policy 

Your care and treatment is our priority.

Please arrive on time for your appointment - late arrivals may not receive a full treatment, but will still be charged in full.

Acu & Co. reserves the right to refuse treatment for anyone appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Inappropriate behaviour will also not be tolerated.

Please note that Acu & Co. requires at least 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours may be subject to the full treatment fee for preliminary consultations or deposit fee for all other appointments.

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